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Aug 18, 2011
ABOVE AND BEYOND Advanced Window Tint did all the windows on my new Honda Fit in 2009. The Fit has unusual shaped windows and Pat did a great job for the lowest quote I received from several shops. Last week I had to have the windshield replaced due to a large crack, and took the car back to Pat to have the tint re-done at the top of the new windshield. I also pointed out a hole in the tint, (poked in the tint by some metal rods we carried) on a rear side window and asked if it could be patched, he said no that would not work, and the tint on that window would have to be removed and replaced. I said I could not afford it at this time and would come back and do that another time. Not only did Pat do the work without an appointment, he replaced the side window tint at no charge. He said he did not like to see me driving around like that! It makes me proud to live in Southern Oregon where good people like Pat Patterson of Advanced Window Tint do excellent work at fair prices and really care about the customers and their cars. - Chris Bradley

Jun 24, 2010
Looks Awesome Advanced Window Tint did an awesome job tinting my Lincoln Navigator. It looks better than I expected. They were professional and quick. I would highly recommend Advanced Window Tint to everyone! Rocky Rozett Central Point, OR  

Jun 23, 2010
Great Job The guys at Advance Window Tint just tinted my 2004 Ford Mustang, and they did a great job. The guys at Advanced had great service, got my car done in a timely manner and it looks great. I definitely recommend them if you are looking to get your windows tinted. Thanks Advanced!  - Delmar